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How’s the Market? What is a Fall Market?

When considering  Newton real estate, people often ask:   what exactly is a Fall Market?  What is a Spring Market?

Most people who live in Massachusetts pay attention to the weather.  And, if you have children, you pay attention to the school calendar.

Both of these factors contribute to annual variations in real estate sales in Newton, Brookline, and surrounding towns.  In December and January, not many buyers want to think about moving and not many sellers are ready to sell.  It’s too cold.  And the kids are in school.  The early bird buyers come out in February, and the early bird sellers start seriously planning their options.   March, April, May and June are the best real estate selling months, year in, year out.  You need to work with a top Realtor, to get ahead of your competition.  Whether the realtor is working as a Buyers Agent, or a Listing Agent, you need representation.  

Most of the closings take place in June, July, August.  That’s what we call “The Spring Market.”  Usually, most of the year’s appreciation takes place in the spring.

But fall brings out some new real estate opportunities.  Those with kids who haven’t found something in the spring are still hoping, and they are often frustrated and ready to move on a good property.  Those who don’t have kids are even more eager.  “If we can just buy a new place before Thanksgiving….” is a common refrain.  Sellers who are smart will hold property off the market in July and August, fix it up, make it show well, and post the new listing in late August or early September.  So there you have it:  A Fall Market in September, October, and early November.    Lots of buyers and sellers, lots of demand, lots of supply.  Prices don’t usually move up in the fall, but in a strong fall real estate market, prices will hold onto any increases that occur in the spring.

The Fall Market only lasts for about 8-10 weeks, but it can be a good time for both buyers and sellers.

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PS:  The picture above is of a house with  7 rooms, 3 BR, and a  super finished basement, that I just sold for $965,000.  We had 5 offers.   It was a spring sale, closed in August.