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2018 Case Study #2: Low Supply

Newton home facade

Here is another way that prices up.  In this case, the price increase results from scarcity! Pictured here is a condo complex with two units, each very unique, one larger unit and one smaller unit, each designed with a special flair and a totally unconventional layout, one brand new,  one a near total renovation.   […]

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Case Study #1: What makes prices go up?

Home Facade

Welcome to 2018!  It’s been a sellers’ market in the western suburbs of Boston since 2013.  The 2018 spring market has brought us to new heights.  Here’s a case study on price appreciation. This home is a conventional 4 BR, 1.5 BA, Colonial built in the 1920’s in pretty good shape, bathrooms and kitchen are […]

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There’s a first time for everything!!

Lake patio

Look at this view.  Worth a million bucks.  Right?  I put this house, on  the southern tip of Charles River Cove, under agreement in May, 2017.  Buyers got their mortgage commitment in June.  Closing scheduled for August, 2017.  The week before the closing the bank changed it’s tune and  sent a “Letter of Denial.”   […]

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2017 will be an interesting year!!!

Ben and Julie Wedding

Greetings!! This is a picture my son and daughter in law, on their wedding day, last year.  Are they gorgeous, or what?  I hope they find the joy of parenthood, because, quite frankly, I’d like some more grandchildren!!  (Don’t tell them I said that.) But that is not really a real estate issue………..except new babies […]

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There’s a story here: 2013-2016

Facade of a home in Newton

There is an interesting story behind this house.   In 2013, it was on the market in the mid $500,000’s in Newton.  The house was a wreck, but it had underlying charm.  For the first time in my career, I had two clients who made bids on the same house.   I told each one […]

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Welcome to Newton!!

Japanese character

  Can you read this? This is a greeting in Mandarin.  It is fascinating to me.   How many characters are there in the language?  A Japanese client of mine told me that Japanese children need to learn as many as 1,000 characters in Mandarin when they are very young.  True? Multi-culturalism is embedded in […]

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Summer, 2016: You gotta know the territory!!

winchester ma town hall

This is a picture of downtown Winchester, MA.   It’s 4 or 5 towns north of Newton and I’ve almost never been there.  Until last summer.  I had an out of town buyer client who wanted to search in several towns.  We started in Newton, then went to Belmont, Lexington, Wellesley, Weston, Lincoln and, eventually, […]

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How’s the Market? Early Summer, 2016: Lots of inventory.

Living room in Newton

This spring, the Newton real estate market has been active and prices have been strong.  Lots of inventory and lots of buyers.  That is the definition of a good marketplace:  lots of buyers and sellers dealing at arms length,  and lots of product.  Over the years, I act as a Listing agent about half the […]

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How’s the Market: Crystal Lake: a Newton treasure.

crystal lake condos newton

One of the most valuable areas of Newton real estate is around Crystal Lake,  a wonderful Newton resource, open to the public for swimming and recreation.    Crystal Lake   is almost in the middle of the City, half way between Newton Centre Village and Newton Highlands Village.  There are about a dozen houses on […]

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How’s the Market? Early Spring, 2016: Victorian Lovers alert!

Victorian Home

In Newton real estate,  homes built in the Victorian era are very, very popular.  It’s funny how times change.   In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Victorian real estate was out of favor.   They were costly to maintain, large, and often in poor condition.  Renovators were removing front porches, getting rid of stained glass, […]

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