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How’s the Market: Crystal Lake: a Newton treasure.

crystal lake condos newton

One of the most valuable areas of Newton real estate is around Crystal Lake,  a wonderful Newton resource, open to the public for swimming and recreation.    Crystal Lake   is almost in the middle of the City, half way between Newton Centre Village and Newton Highlands Village.  There are about a dozen houses on the water,  (they have boating rights)  and another dozen or so right across the street, on  Lake Ave.  The neighborhood consists of substantial Victorians and classic Colonials, as well as a few two family houses and smaller homes.  The lake is spring fed, clear, and beautifully swimmable.   Newton residents can get passes to swim in a part of the lake that has a dock and lifeguards.  People swim at their own risk in two other locations.  The Newton Police  often clear the lake of swimmers in these two locations, but when the weather gets hot,  people break the rules:  if you gotta swim, you gotta swim!   And the police don’t make a big deal.

In the fall, the steam rises off the lake on cold October mornings.  In the winter, people cross country ski on the lake, and in the spring the tadpoles turn into frogs and the birds make their nests.  In the summer, people fish from a couple of spots and enjoy the beach and the swimming.

The Crystal Lake boathouse was once the home of the Crystal Lake Ice Company, and you can find pictures of workman dragging huge blocks of ice in the early 1900’s.  Do you remember when refrigerators were called “ice-boxes”?     

And before 1980, the City used to prepare a skating rink.  But no more.  Global warming and liability issues have closed that door.

The picture here shows  a walking path along Lake Ave. near Beacon St.  This is one of the spots where hot weather will bring scores of swimmers, who will play hide and go seek with the Newton Police.  

If you want more information on Crystal Lake, go to  and you will find a complete history.

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