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Do You Need Assistance Marketing Your Home?

When I act as listing agent for a home, I always work as a SELLERS AGENT,  listening carefully to your goals and expectations.   We represent your interests exclusively, we do not represent the Buyer at all!!

“Marketing a home” does not mean simply entering some data in the Multiple Listing Service and waiting.  Every sale is different, and you, as the seller, will want  to think through some important issues before we begin:  What is your preferred time horizon?  Are you planning to sell your property “as is,” or would you like recommendations for low cost repairs and updates?  What kind of payback can you expect?   Do you need assistance in cleaning out attics or basements or garages?  What items are being excluded from the sale?  How do you want to handle negotiations with multiple offers, if we are  so lucky?  

Once we start,  your home will be promoted with the finest printed materials, maximum web exposure, and undivided commitment to getting you top dollar with the least amount of stress.

Hammond Residential has number one market share  for real estate in  Newton and Brookline because we have the best marketing strategies and the best realtors, by sales volume and number of sales.    We have been in a very strong sellers market since February of 2013, and all indications are that 2020 will continue this trend.  As listing agents, we represent the seller.  

If you would like a COMPLIMENTARY MARKET ANALYSIS, or even just an informal opinion of value, please call me anytime at 617-962-1511.

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