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Generic Marathon Statue in Newton

When I work with buyers, I always work as a BUYERS AGENT, trying to understand your goals and representing your interests. That means I don’t push, I listen.  I’m one of the top Buyer’s agents in Newton and Brookline, and I was one of the earliest adopters of true Buyer agency.

I generally don’t ask buyers to sign contracts.   I prefer to work on the basis of trust. It’s a serious relationship and both parties (you and me) need to be committed to doing it right.  No one will work harder for you than I will!!  

My main job is to help buyers of real estate understand the market and the concept of “value,” so that when you see a property that you love, you will be confident that you know what the property is worth.  I don’t supply the love, and I very seldom say things like: ” this is the house for you.”    You supply the love; I supply the advice, the analysis, and the due diligence that you deserve.  I’ve helped a lot of people make important life decisions, and it almost always works out for the best.

In addition, Hammond Residential has the largest real estate market share in Newton and Brookline by far, so that also gives my client Buyers an important edge in this very competitive marketplace.

If you would like to have full access to MLS listings directly, just  click on the Blue Banner on the right side here (“Sign Up for Listings”) and fill in the your information on your price, type of property  and preferred location.  Or just give me a call and I’ll set it up for you.   I’ll shoot you an email every morning with all the new listings and recent sales, for any town in eastern Massachusetts, in any price range.

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PS.  This is a picture at  Heartbreak Hill in Newton, at about the 20 mile mark of the Boston Marathon.  It shows a young Johnny Kelly holding hands with an old Johnny Kelly, who won the race twice and ran until he was 84 years old.  A Newton treasure!!

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