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How’s the Market? Early Spring, 2016: Victorian Lovers alert!

Victorian Home

In Newton real estate,  homes built in the Victorian era are very, very popular.  It’s funny how times change.   In the 1960’s and early 1970’s, Victorian real estate was out of favor.   They were costly to maintain, large, and often in poor condition.  Renovators were removing front porches, getting rid of stained glass, squaring off gables and turrets.  The “modern, clean” look was “in.”  That meant boxy, and functional.  But by the 1990’s Victorian lovers began coming out of the woodwork, literally, because Victorians are known for gorgeous woodwork.  Restoration, not renovation, was the talk of the town.   

I was on the Newton Historical Commission for 11 years, and I watched the developers and home owners come in to appeal for upgrades and improvements in Victorian houses.

The picture here is of a Victorian home that was owned by the same family for 46 years.  It was not “renovated” in the 70’s and it was not “restored” in the 1990’s or 2,000’s.   It’s gorgeous on the outside, but it’s pretty old inside and needed a ton of  work.   

Not to worry. I was the listing agent.    I staged the house top to bottom,  put it on the real estate market a couple weeks ago.  We got 12 offers in the first weekend!!!  My negotiation skills were put to the test:  we went back to  the top 5 bidders and asked for best and final bids.  The property sold 25% above asking price.  I was amazed.  The market for Victorians is as strong as it’s ever been.  

It’s in a great location, too. 

But this sale price didn’t happen by accident.  My skills at staging and presenting were critical, as was the outstanding marketing plan that Hammond Residential uses.  We got top dollar.  The seller was thrilled.

If I can be of help to you, as a listing agent, as a buyers agent, or just as an advisor, please let me know.  I’ll give you a free hour of consultation, and we can go from there.

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