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How’s the Market? Fall, 2015, Real estate is an emotional business!!

Sometimes people’s emotions get into the middle of a  Newton real estate transaction and the stresses and strains of negotiating become simply unbearable.  I recently acted as a Buyers Agent for clients who looked for 8 months for a property, got close to bidding a few times, but each time, after a night of “thinking it over,”  decided not to make an offer.  Finally, they found a luxury property that they loved, they negotiated a fabulous price, with my help,  and, after the inspection,  got the seller to agree to a long list of repairs and improvements.

Sounds like a happy ending.  But it wasn’t.  One of them just snapped, and called me out of the blue and backed out.  They didn’t give a reason.  One can only speculate, and it’s probably none of my (or your) business to probe that decision. But surely there is a lot of pressure involved in what is almost always the biggest purchase that a young couple will make in their lifetime.

As a top realtor, I have to be very sensitive to my clients feelings, and their emotional commitment to the property they are purchasing. When I work with a seller client as a Listing agent, it can be even worse.  I’m talking to someone right now, whose parents have moved to a nursing home, and who grew up in the house that her parents bought 55 years ago!!!  Do you think there might be a few memories left in that house? You better believe it, and be aware of it.   No matter how hard boiled you are, it’s difficult to say goodbye to your childhood home…….(assuming you had a reasonably happy childhood.)

I have another client who is a widow and who has been living in her home alone for 33 years.  She has signed a contract with me and we’ll be starting in February……lots of time to say her goodbyes.

I’m not a therapist or a family counsellor, that’s for sure.   But I need to be sensitive to a whole host of emotional responses that affect the sale. Thats one of the reasons why this is such an interesting business!!

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PS.  This is a picture of neat two family home that I’ll be listing in the next couple of months, only $659,000!!!