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How’s the Market? February, 2015, It’s Snowmeggedon!!

From the front lines of Newton real estate:

We’ve had upwards of 75 inches of snow in Newton over the past 21 days.  But top realtors keep on producing!!

As listing agent, I put this Newton house  up for sale the day after the first big storm.  We held an open house during the second storm.  Within a few days, we had four offers, two of which were above asking price.  On the eve of the third storm, with my negotiating assistance,  the sellers accepted the best offer, 8% above asking price!!  On the day after the fourth storm, we had an inspection.  Then we signed the Purchase and Sale a few days later.  The house is scheduled to close in April.  Piece of cake…..

Mother Nature has made her point.    The side roads are almost impassable.  Local businesses have been under stress.  But all in all, life goes on.  And so does Newton real estate.  I just signed up a big Victorian property in Newton Centre.  We’ll wait for a few weeks before putting that one on the  market.  I don’t want to press my luck!!

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