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How’s the Market: Winter, 2015-16: Getting ready

Winter has us all on edge.  It’s going to happen, but we’re not sure when and we’re not sure how bad it will be.

Does that affect real estate sales in Newton or Brookline?  I’m not sure about that either.   After it happens, and after we get all the data, we can draw some conclusions.  My sense, as I write this in late December, is that the Newton real estate market is stalled and will stay stalled through January.  I have several sellers who are going to sell in 2016, but I’m not getting commitments about when to start.  I’m patient.  I don’t want to start too soon, if winter overwhelms us again.  We’ll watch and wait.

Meanwhile, as a good listing agent, I am advising my sellers to fix things up, repaint walls, clear out knick knacks and clutter, maybe sand the floors, maybe buy a new rug for the front foyer…….all things that will make a difference when we hit the real estate market.

As your Listing agent, my most important goal is to help you prepare and present the house in it’s best possible light.

As a Buyer agent, I’m advising my buyer clients to watch and wait….getting my daily emails about market activity.  There are deals to be had in December and January, some sellers have gotten frustrated and might entertain a low offer.  Give yourself a chance to get lucky!!

 Call me or email me anytime if you want some advice on Newton real estate.  And thanks for your past referrals.  They make my day!!

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PS:  The picture is of my own house, in Newton.   I was very lucky to find it, about 8 years ago.  The owner had passed away, and an attorney friend asked me to do a market analysis for the estate.  It needed a ton of work, but my wife took one look at the house and said:  “I could live here.”  So  we sold, rented a 2 bedroom apartment for 6 months while we fixed up the new one.  Viola!  We love it.  It helps to have the best realtor in Newton!!